Today 'Mars' will be in space on Mars night, a unique astronomical view will be seen in the sky

Today is October 13 i.e. the day of Mars.  This evening the world will see a special astronomical view with its eyes.  Explain that on the night of 13 October, Mars will appear the largest and brightest from Earth.  The red planet will be in a straight line with the Sun and Earth today.  It is also called the phenomenon of mars et opposition.  This means that Mars will be located directly opposite to the Earth from the Sun.  All three will be in a straight line at 23:20 GMT but before this happens Mars will be clearly visible in the night sky.

 US Space Agency National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA) said 'During this time, Mars and Earth are closest to each other in their orbits.
This means that Mars is at its brightest spot.  '

 While this line-up occurs approximately every two years, this time Mars will actually be closer to Earth at a distance of 38.6 million miles or 62.07 million km.  Both planets will not come close to it again until 2035.

 Mars is reportedly "visible from dawn to dusk" and will shine three times faster. reported that the red planet will rise in the east before 7 pm all this week and it will be easy to see in the clear nights of the coming weeks.

 After 2020, Mars will come closer to 2035 on 11 September.  At that time, the distance between Mars and Earth will be reduced to 569.6 million km.  Even at that time Mars will look much bigger and red.

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