SOP released before cinema hall opens, but won't be able to watch new movies

The Ministry of Information Broadcasting has issued necessary guidelines (SOPs) for opening theaters across the country from October 15.  Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar has said that cinemas will be able to open at 50 percent capacity.  There will be a seat distance between the audience and the imperative of wearing masks.  Also sanitizer will also be necessary.  At the same time, sources say that due to extreme caution and short notice, the new film will not be released in the hall at the moment.

 Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar announced the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for theaters on Tuesday.  He told reporters at his residence that cinema hall would be allowed to open from October 15 with 50 percent seating capacity.  It will also be mandatory to wear a mask and keep a seat distance between the audience.  Javadekar said that it would be mandatory to show or announce a one-minute film to spread awareness about rescue from Corona.

 The hall will be sanitized after every show
 Javadekar said that after the completion of a show, the entire hall will have to be sanitized, only then the second show will start.  More windows have to be opened for booking tickets in a single screen.  Online ticket booking will be encouraged everywhere.  Packed food will be available, but it cannot be eaten inside.  It will be compulsory to have a distance of 6 feet between people in the hall and public area, putting masks in the hall and public area, checking the temperature and sanitizer at the entrance and exit.  Also, the temperature will have to be maintained in the hall from 23 to 25 degrees.  With this, the movement of air should be better.
Employees will also wear gloves with masks
 Employees working in the cinema hall will have to follow all the rules, including wearing a mask, gloves.  As per the standard procedure of the Ministry, cinemas cannot be opened in the Containment Zone.  State governments can issue additional guidelines with these measures as per local conditions.  Sch

 Currently there is no possibility of a new film in theaters

 Sibashish Sarkar, CEO of Reliance Entertainment Group, said that the reopening of theaters is a positive sign for the industry, but it will be difficult to watch the new film.  We are not releasing any films on Diwali (on 14 November).  How can you release a film in a 10 or 15-day notice period?
Raj Bansal, the owner of a multiplex in Jaipur, said the cost of operating theaters would increase by at least 10 percent, as the premises would need to be cleaned regularly.  Cinepolis India CEO Dewang Sampat clearly states that cinema halls cannot return to regular business, unless there is fresh content.  Producer Boney Kapoor said that it would take a few weeks for viewers to get into the theaters.

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