Now your phone has become so powerful, before ringing, it will be known why someone has made a call, here is the great features of Android 11

Android 11 has been launched, this operating system is more powerful than before and its features will make you crazy for it. In the new Android version, you can also download Google Assistant through the third party app. Its biggest advantage is that now only voice  You can also type and send an email through the command.

 You will be able to use the new Google Assistant separately like Alexa, Ginni and Siri.In the new Android version, you can know the mind of any unknown caller, before calling in the new system, the message can already be given through the app.  What is the reason for calling, for example, if an unknown person sends a message before calling you, for which reason the call is being made, then you can respond to it according to your convenience.
If you are listening to the headphones in a loud voice and there is a house bull then make microwave time sound, then you do not need to worry, you detect the notification sound even in smart phones.

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