New TV is bringing home the thrill of IPL, so keep these special things in mind

These days the thrill of IPL is in full swing.  In such a situation, you will also be thinking of bringing a new TV home.  While buying a new TV, you have to face many questions about it.  Often people wonder what kind of TV is to be taken.  What should be the audio of the TV, what type of display should it be, which resolution is best.  But now we have brought the answers to all such questions.

 How much should TV size be?
 The two most common sizes of TV are 32 inches and 40 inches.  Now it depends on you which size TV you want to buy.  If you want to watch TV from 3 to 5 feet distance, then 32 inch TV is a better option for you, but if you will watch TV from 4 to 6 feet distance, then 40 inch TV will become a perfect choice for you.
What should be the resolution?
 If you just want to see the content of the setup box that HD Ready TV will be good for you, because HD Ready TV gives the resolution of 720 pixels and most of the setup boxes work at this resolution only.  In most 32-inch TVs, you get HD Ready resolution only.  However, you can also buy a TV with full HD resolution.

 How should the screen be?
 In TV, you get LED, LCD, OLED and QLED type screens.  In the mid range segment, you will get only displays with LED and LCD panels.  But if you spend more money then you can buy a TV with OLED or QLED type screen.  In low budget LED screen is a good option because it saves the energy and makes the TV slim.

 Operating system and speakers
 Android based TV is the most popular among cheap TVs.  Although you get Tizen OS in Samsung TV, while LG TV works on Web OS.  While taking your TV, keep in mind that it should have at least 20W speakers.  If the TV also has Dolby sound, then it is your…

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