If you plan to buy a laptop, take special care of 5 things

In October, the festival sale is going to start on e-commerce websites like Flipkart and Amazon.  Although there is a discount on all goods in this cell, but especially on electronic products such as phones, laptops and smart TVs, there are big offers.  If you are also planning to buy a laptop, then keep in mind some important things, so that you will get a good laptop in a low budget.

 What is the use of 1-laptop

 First of all, it should be clear what is the use of the laptop.  If you have to buy office work or for the education of children, then there is no need to take a very expensive laptop and your work will also be done with less storage and low power hardware.
But for gaming or any other professional use like editing Vagara, those laptops are a bit expensive and have more RAM and storage.

 What's the deal on 2-laptop

 If you have to buy laptops for office work, online class, then you will get good laptops in the range of 25-30 thousand rupees.  But if you are getting more discount on any good specification laptop during the sale then buy only good laptop by spending 2-4 thousand more.  Products like laptops do not buy quickly, so it is better to buy the latest technology.

 3-processor, RAM and memory

 Time to buy a new laptop should be at least the 10th generation processor of Intel I 3 or the latest processor.  If we talk about RAM, nowadays there should be at least 4 GB RAM and the laptop has 250 GB or more memory, it is better.  The better the specifications of the laptop, the better your work will be.

 4-laptop look

 Nowadays, sleek laptops are in fashion whose size is 14 inches.  However, smaller sized laptops are a bit more expensive and 15.6 inches cheaper.  But how…

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