Google brought 6 new amazing features to improve Android smartphone.

New Delhi  Google has released 6 new amazing features to improve Android smartphone.  The special thing is that these new features are also available on smartphones running on the old Android version.  These new features will be delivered to you through Google Assistant, Duo, Phone app and other apps.  First of all talk about Google Assistant.  Through this, you can now search for apps and also open them.  You can give commands by speaking directly.  Apart from these, these commands can also be customized by creating shortcuts.  Google has now enabled the screen sharing option in its video calling app Duo, which means that you can now share the screen of the phone while making video calls from the Duo.
To stop the frequent spam calls on the phone, the 'Google Phone App' has been made available which will tell itself who is calling and why.  This feature has been made available on Android 9 and above.  You can download Google phone app by going to Google Play Store.  Sound notification feature has been released for Android phones, which will work with Google Smart Devices.  Through this feature, users will get sound notifications flash, vibrate and push notifications when a fire alarm, door knocking or household appliances beep.  It can be set up in a smartwatch running on the Wear OS and is also available through the Live Transfive app.
Through Google's Action Block app, people facing age-related and cognitive disabilities can communicate through short sentences.  This app has been updated with pictures of thousands of communication symbols.  It also has support for Japanese, French, German and Italian languages.  By default the support of the new Chromecast has been included in the Google TV operating system.  That is, Chromecast will be supported in all Android TVs now.  Google has also updated the UI, which gives recommandations for shows in movies, streaming apps.

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