Do not forget to keep your mobile at this place, otherwise you may suffer from this disease!

The smartphone is a device that has made its way into people's lives today.  Now people use everything from sleeping to eating.  However, people are not aware of how much this device can harm their health.  In fact, the radiation emanating from the phone affects people's health so much that they are now suffering from eye irritation and insomnia.  At the same time, on the other hand, the phone should be called, it has also become a big topic.  Experts are also opinion on this subject that people can fall prey to disease by keeping the phone in the wrong place.  So in such a situation today we will tell you how you can protect yourself from diseases like headache or back pain without putting on the phone.
let's find out ...

 Do not put the smartphone under the pillow

 Many people sleep with their mobile phones under the pillow.  If you do too, don't forget.  Electromagnetic radiation emitted from the phone can cause headaches.  You may also feel dizzy.  At the same time, doctors believe that the radiation emanating from the phone is very harmful for humans.

 Do not put mobile in back pocket

 Often people carry a phone in their back pocket.  This is not good for you and your phone.  Because doing so increases the risk of phone breakdown or theft.  It also affects the nerves of your feet, which can cause pain in your feet.  At the same time, according to a report by Simplemast, Drs.  Orly Avitzer says that placing the phone in the back pocket can cause backache.

 Do not keep mobile with young children

 Having a phone with children has a bad effect on their body.  At the same time, the research report of Center 4 claimed that it is not dangerous to have a phone with young children.  They are vulnerable to dangerous diseases like hyperactivity and anxiety disorders.

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