Big news for car riders! Challan will not be deducted even if there is no high security number plate

New Delhi.  Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot of Delhi Government has postponed the plan to install high security number plates in vehicles.  He said that the deadline will be fixed for the number plate only after proper arrangements are implemented.  Gehlot also held a high-level meeting with all stakeholders to address public grievances in this matter.  During the meeting, the Transport Minister discussed the problems faced by the vehicle owners in fitting High Security Number Plate (HSRP) on their vehicle.  He instructed the OEM manufacturers to create a system for resolving the complaints of vehicle manufacturers.
Gehlot said that the government will first solve the problems of the vehicle owners, and the vehicle owners will be given enough time to apply color-coated stickers.  He instructed not to book any new appointment for HSRP fitment until proper arrangements are implemented.  Gehlot has issued orders not to take action.  Due to which, in Delhi, vehicles will not be invoiced for not installing high security number plates.
What is High Security Number Plate (HSRP)?
 The HSRP is a hologram sticker with the engine and chassis numbers on the vehicle.  High security number plate is designed keeping vehicle safety and convenience in mind.  This number is written with a pressure machine.  There 
will be a kind of pin on the plate that will attach to your vehicle.  Once this pin catches the plate from your vehicle, it will lock on both sides and will not open from anyone.
Apply this way for high security number plate
 >> First, drivers have to click on the website.  When the website opens, one has to choose between private and public vehicles.
 >> After this, the option of the vehicle being petrol, diesel, CNG, electric, CNG cum petrol will open, one has to click on it.  On clicking, the category of vehicles will open, such as scooter, motorcycle, car, auto, heavy vehicle will have to be selected.
 >> After this, the second option will open, in which information about the company of the vehicle will have to be given.  On clicking next, the state option will appear.  On filling it, dealers will see options.  Vehicle information will have to be filled after selecting the dealer.
>> In this, the registration number, registration date, engine number, chassis number, email id, mobile number will have to be mentioned.
 >> After this, another window will open, in which the name, address and other information of the vehicle owner will have to be filled.  RC and ID proof of the vehicle will also have to be uploaded.
 >> After this, mobile OTP will be generated.  Then the option of time and date of booking will appear.
 >> Finally the payment processing option will come.

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