5 best offline games like PUBG Mobile Lite on Google Play Store

  • Following the ban on PUBG Mobile Lite, many similar games ended up gaining new followers.
  • We take a look at the best offline alternatives to PUBG Mobile Lite and their gameplay features.
  • While PUBG Mobile Lite has been banned from India for more than a month now, there are plenty of great alternative games that have gained many new followers, mostly because PUBG Mobile Lite fans needed another game to pick up.

    While PUBG Mobile Lite was definitely a class apart when it came to lighter versions of battle royale games, its reliance on an uninterrupted connection to the internet may have made it a difficult choice for players who don’t have reliable WiFi yet.

  • However, more and more creators are coming up with great offline games, some of whom are very similar to the gameplay of PUBG Mobile Lite, for players to enjoy!

  • 1) ScarFall: The Royale Combat

    ScarFall is an Indian battle royale game that has widened its scope by including both online as well as offline modes of gameplay. With the online mode being almost the same as that of PUBG Mobile Lite, ScarFall manages to add plenty of game modes that can be played offline as well.

    The game features several maps to choose from, a great arsenal of weapons, as well as tons of vehicles to traverse the battle arenas with.

  • 2) Cover Fire

    Cover Fire is another FPS game that offers both online and offline gameplay to its users. The game does not strictly follow the patterns of battle royale but manages to create an interactive and immersive shooting experience for all players.

    The game features a story mode as well, with 12 distinct chapters leading the story. The player can collect cool new gear as well as new updated weapons with better skills to win against enemies. There are also offline modes that feature zombies as well as terrorists as enemies that you’ll have to take down! 

  • 3) Swag Shooter

    Created by another Indian developer, Swag Shooter is a great alternative to PUBG Mobile Lite, one that has an online battle royale mode and several offline game modes for users as well. 

    Additionally, the game has its own unique spin to the battle royale gameplay - it allows each player 3 chances to survive in the arena and become the last man standing. Most other gameplay elements are borrowed as it is from games like PUBG Mobile Lite. 

  • 4) PVP Shooting Battle 2020

    PVP Shooting Battle allows both offline and online gameplay for its users. The game features the usual online battle royale mode as well as an offline singleplayer mode that consists of several missions to undertake.

    There is a certain focus on a militaristic style of play, featuring weapons and vehicles that fit into that concept and theme. All in all, a great alternative to PUBG Mobile Lite if you want the option of offline gameplay as well.

  • 5) Stickman Battle Royale

    Image credits: APKPure.com

    Imagine quirky stickmen running around as they engage in a fierce game of battle royale? Well, that’s exactly this highly simple yet fun game that allows offline gameplay, even in a battle royale kind of setting.

    Players can fight against AI enemies in a massive arena and collect the best weapons in order to take their enemies down. The game features simplistic 2D graphics that makes its perfect for phones that don’t have high-end specifications.

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