Fed up with spam email? Get rid of these three methods

E-mail is used from professional to personal needs such as bank transactions, notifications, policy updates.  In such a situation, users are often disturbed by emails related to marketing and promotion of products.
E-mail is currently an important part of our lives, but users associated with telemarketing have often been seen getting harassed.  Not only this, many times such emails are also used to steal users' data.  If you are also troubled by this kind of mail and moving these mails in spam is not working, then we are giving you three ways that you can use to get rid of these emails.
First Way - Block Sender
 For this, first login Gmail account
 Open the mail of the sender you want to block
 Click on three vertical dots
 Click on the 'Block' option

 The second method - block using filters
 For this, first login Gmail and tap on the drop down button
 Type the name of the sender or email ID in the row with 'To' and click on the Flitter option.
 Then click on the 'Delete it' button

 Third method - using keywords
 For this, go into the search filter and type the keyword you want to block like Promotions, sale, discounts, offers.  After that go to 'Has the word' section and click on the Create filter and tap on the 'Delete it' option.

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