How to earn $300 per month with blogging?

How to earn $300 per month with blogging?

Firstly, earning $300/month is not that easy when it comes to blogging! Saying that the blog should have a better number of views per month. Hence even if you're done with your blog and gaining a remarkable traffic on daily basis, making $300/month is going to be a toughest task.
When I said traffic, I meant it as organic. To generate organic traffic, you have to work hard. Harder to make your blog successful.
This can't be done in a day. Or week. Month. It may take an year. Maybe even years to keep the blog running with its utmost potential.
So you're working hard. Still not earning anything? At least your monthly internet payment?
You've to work a lot to get it done. Seriously! You have to.
Talking of aforementioned things-- haven't you read the same kind of answers everywhere when you browse about how to make money online?
Leave it.
I mean, leave all the aforementioned normal sayings on making money through blogging.
You asked of how to make $300 per month through blogging! But here I'm conveying my tips on how to make $1000 in 28 days as a freelance blogger.
You can. All these strategies should be planned. Like you should take actions on time to make use of these steps.
If you do that, I guarantee you. Blogging isn't going to be a tedious task for you.
It's not easy either in real. But you can make it as an easier task if you want.
I did make it. Wish to know how I did it?
But why fear when Insane Tech is here!😉
You can refer to the Video mentioned down below:-

Just continue reading this post...
Follow the Steps below :-
  1. Keyword Research (My suggestion:- Ahref)
  2. Choose Volume 50K-70K
  3. Ready up your website with AdSense approved (Firstly write at least 20-100% unique article please refer to this Video)
  4. Write SEO Optimize Articles + Give it a good look
  5. Set a Time Table for daily Article on your website (Daily means Daily Don't be lazy my boy/girl)
  6. Follow your Table for  4-5 Months (Don't miss your time table. Yeah! but you can take leave on Sundays. Enjoy!😍)
  7. Start making Backlinks when your site is of 1 months old with High DA-PA sites (Refer this Video)
  8. You can also buy Backlinks. Or use (Please take Backlinks from sites with similar Content or niche)

Feel free to shoot your queries below. I'll be extremely glad to help you.

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