Watch YouTube videos, two click trick even while working on Google Chrome

Watch YouTube videos, two click trick even while working on Google Chrome

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Google offers many great features in its products to give millions of users the best experience. Chrome browser is one such product of Google which comes with many add-ons and hidden features. Usually Chrome is used by users for web browsing, but through some hidden tricks, users can make Chrome experience even better. That's why here we are talking about the picture-in-picture mode of Chrome. Through this mode you can watch videos while working on Chrome without switching tabs repeatedly.

Screen can move

Chrome's picture-in-picture mode converts YouTube videos to a smaller screen. You can keep it minimized on the tab you are working on. Its another special thing is that you can also move it as per your need on the screen of your computer.

How to enable:

To turn on this mode, first of all play the video you want to put in picture-in-picture mode on YouTube. When the video is playing, right-click on the screen twice. This mode will be found when clicked for the second time. Your video will enter PiP mode as soon as you click on it. Please tell that this feature is only available on YouTube.

In limited controls

PiP mode, you will not get much video control. In this, you will get only the operation of pause and back to full screen. Some users may miss features such as video forward, volume control or video replay here.

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