So even after lifting the ban, Huawei will not use Google's service

After the New Delhi ban, Huawei has been continuously trying to reduce its dependence on American companies. In May last year, the US blacklisted this Chinese giant. After this, many other American companies, including Google, banned any type of trade with Huawei without necessary permission. After the ban, Huawei had to develop the OS as well as the mobile service itself.

There was no problem in the Chinese market,
after the ban, the license to use Google mobile service was withdrawn from Huawei. Honor devices were also damaged by this ban on Huawei. There is no harm to Huawei in the Chinese market by ban. At the same time, in other countries Huawei needs Google mobile service. Huawei did not have a stable app ecosystem at the time of its own mobile service ban. This was the reason why Huawei started developing its own operating system and launched it as HarmonyOS within a few months. The company has also recently launched Huawei Mobile Service to compete with Google. The company is spending millions of dollars to make it popular so that more and more app developers join it. Company had to give cleaning

Recently during a press conference in Vienna, the company clearly stated that it will never use the Google service even after getting the license back. However, after this news came to the headlines, Huawei had to issue a statement and clarify. The company said, 'An open Android ecosystem is still our first choice but we are unable to continue using it. We have the ability to create our own ecosystem.

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