She does not let her sleep, that vandalism of the night of January 19, many Kashmiri Pandits passed away hoping to return home

State Bureau, Jammu.  These are the hills of Shivalik, not the peaks of Jabravan and Mahadev.  Sometimes I think I go back, but with whom.  My house is burnt near the Ganapatyar area in Habbakadal, Srinagar, I have heard that a road has been built there.  Relatives are also in Delhi-Mumbai.  Still have the courage, but the blackout of 19 January does not allow gold.  Everything has changed, but both my desire to return to Kashmir and my fear have not changed.

 Loud speakers echo only in mosques

 Kashmiri Pandit Shubhanji, sitting on the roadside adjacent to the rainy drain outside Jagati Migrant Colony in Jammu, was emotional.  Recalling that dreadful night of January 19, 1990, he says that religious jihadists blacked out not only in Srinagar but also in Kashmir.  Loud speakers were only echoing in mosques.  Everyone knows the story of what happened that night, but we only know what happened on us.  Age is 75 years old, I miss home by staying.  In such a situation, a hope has been raised by the removal of Article 370.
The orders to leave Kashmir were released in the newspaper

 Elder Sumit, who grew up in Jammu, said that my father used to visit Kashmir every year, in the hope that one day he would stay in his ancestral home.  Well, he passed away from this world with this desire.  I have not been to Kashmir even once.  Or say that they did not let me go, they used to say that the weather changes, but not the situation in Kashmir.  Our house was in Ganpatayar area which has been grounded.  My father used to say that in some newspapers there were orders for Pandits to leave Kashmir.  There may be that old newspaper still in my house.
Slogans were used for sisters and daughters, how

 Another Pandit Sunil Dhar said that there is a lot of politics in the name of Kashmiri migrants.  We talk about giving cash and ration every month in the name of rehabilitation and relief.  We are relieved, but nobody says that most people do not get it for five months.  Who wants to stay here with a certificate of migrant.  Go where  For the education of me and my younger brother, my father had to sell his house in Renavari, Srinagar for a quarter of the price for my sister's wedding.  He might not sell, but he was captured.  I was 18 at the time.  We probably would have stayed there, but who would have stopped the way there were slogans for our sisters and daughters.  Stones were thrown at our house.

 Nothing changed

 A Kashmiri Pandit woman who is working in Kashmir under the Prime Minister's Package.  On the condition of anonymity, she said that I am living in a colony built in Vesu.  When we came out of Kashmir, I used to study in seventh grade.  In 2016, a terrorist was killed and our colony was stoned.  We had become like prisoners in the colony.  Then in 2017 also this happened two or three times.  I have lived there and realized that nothing has changed.  Faces will change, not thinking.  No one bothers us in Kashmir, but staring eyes say a lot.  That is why I have left my children here with my in-laws.

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