Rockstar Stuntman Is Again Hinting At GTA 6 On Social Media

A new Grand Theft Auto game might be in the works this year, at least according to a stuntman in affiliation with developer Rockstar Games. Video game motion capture worker and actor Tim Neff leaked a few photos alluding to a possible sequel to the long-running, open-world crime series on social media yesterday, only to remove them not long after.
A small-time stunt performer and creature actor, Neff has previously lent his talents to Rockstar’s last open-world adventure, 2018’s western-based Red Dead Redemption 2, in addition to Activision’s futuristic shooter Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 in the same year. Additionally, he has served as a stuntman and extra to such television shows as The Orville, American Horror Story, and Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., in addition to bit roles in various films over the years.

As reported, photos of Tim Neff in a mocap suit wielding 80’s-era weaponry such as a rocket-propelled grenade launcher were posted to his Instagram account a day ago, only to be removed and his account made private shortly afterward. The look of the guns in question have led fans to speculate that Neff may be working on the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6, as such weapons are par for the course in the series.

This isn’t the first time a sixth Grand Theft Auto game has been teased, as there have been several rumors that Rockstar might be working on a follow-up to 2013's highly-successful Grand Theft Auto V, although most of them were eventually proven false. Earlier this year a tax report from Rockstar Games hinted at the title’s existence, listing possible production costs for the game’s development. Previously, an artist formerly affiliated with the developer listed Grand Theft Auto 6 On His Resume, although he has since removed mention of both the game and his involvement with Rockstar Games.

Grand Theft Auto has remained a popular and influential series over the years, with the last numbered entry becoming one of the highest-selling games of all time. Fans have been naturally clamoring for another entry since, especially if it is to be set in the same 1980s backdrop as one of the franchise’s most beloved spin-offs, 2002’s Hit Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Only time will tell if Neff’s images are a sign of things to come in the world of Rockstar’s iconic gaming series, leaving fans to wonder if it will soon be time to build another criminal empire.

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