Here’s Google Stadia running on an E-Reader because the future is awesome

Google Stadia has been pitched as the future of gaming that works with “all the ways we play.” Now, someone has managed to get Google Stadia running on an E-Reader.

a Danish student by the name of Sebastian Ørsted recently did an experiment with the Stadia platform. Using the Onyx Book Max 3, he was able to run Destiny 2 on Google Stadia without many issues.

He estimates that lag was somewhere between 500 and 1000 milliseconds which is very impressive for an e-ink display. This was accomplished using a feature on the Max 3 called X-Mode. The feature was designed to up the refresh on the screen for video, but it also helps to make Stadia actually work on this device.

The Onyx Book Max 3 is a super high-end E-Reader that costs $859. It’s running Stadia with the help of its Android-based software platform on the 13-inch e-ink display.

You can check out Google Stadia running on the Onyx Book Max 3 e-reader in the video below. What other crazy devices would you want to see the platform running on?

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