Ex-Rockstar Games Employee Hints At Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Date

Given that GRAND THEFT AUTO 5 is the best-selling game of the past decade, it’s no surprise that fans have been champing at the bit for Grand Theft Auto 6 to be a thing. Alas, the game remains an unconfirmed mystery, and nothing has yet offered concrete evidence that the game is officially in development, let alone when it might actually be released.

Naturally, this has been one of the biggest questions fans have been eager to see answered. While they’ve been told for years now not to expect GTA 6 anytime soon, most remain hopeful that the wait is nearing its end. As for when exactly that could happen, one industry insider says they know when Rockstar Games is planning on finally releasing the game. Unfortunately, if they’re right, it means a bit of an extra wait for the fans.

It’s worth noting that this is unverified information, just like the rest of the rumors regarding GTA 6, so it should be taken with the usual grain of salt. Anyway, the Daily Star reports that equity research firm Jeffries held a talk with Darion Lowenstein earlier this week. Lowenstein is a veteran of multiple major game companies, including Rockstar, and one of the main takeaways from his talk touched upon the game, stating that it isn’t coming “any time soon.”

Some of the more optimistic guesses have pegged GRAND THEFT AUTO 6’s release date as being sometime in later 2020, but according to Lowenstein, the earliest fans can expect to see it is no sooner than the very tail-end of 2021. Additionally, Jeffries stated that Lowenstein shot down other rumors claiming that a trailer for the game could drop as soon as February.

“As a former Rockstar employee, Darion noted that the Houser brothers place all their emphasis on game quality rather than hitting a deadline,” a Jeffries press release said. “His absolute best-case-scenario for a game release is Holiday 2021, though he does not expect an announcement / trailer anytime soon.”

While a Holiday 2021 launch window matches up with what’s been claimed by others who’ve worked on the franchise before, it’s just as possible that GTA 6 won’t likely release at that time either. Back in November, Rockstar revealed that it has around a year of updates planned for GTA 5’s popular multiplayer component, Grand Theft Auto Online, suggesting that that is taking priority at the moment over the development of any sequel. Whatever the case, it seems fans will have to keep waiting no matter what before they can get something more than rumors.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is rumored to be in development.

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