Elon Musk's awkward dance moves at Tesla event in China lead to meme fest. Seen viral video yet?

Whenever Tesla's CEO and founder Elon Musk hits the stage for the launch of his vehicles, he ends up making headlines. Not long ago, a video from the launch of his Cybertruck, that failed the durability test went viral and led to a meme fest on Twitter.

On January 7, something similar happened. The CEO of Tesla showed the world his dance moves and Twitter cannot stop laughing. Elon Musk broke into an awkward dance at his company's plant Tesla Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, China. The event was held to celebrate the first deliveries of made-in-China electric vehicles by Tesla.

But just like the last time, Elon Musk himself took part in the joke and shared a video of his awkward dance on his Twitter. He shared the 15-second clip with the caption, "At Tesla Giga Shanghai NSFW!!" NSFW here stands for 'not safe for work,' and we agree.

In the video, the 48-year-old can be seen walking on the stage as he starts hopping around and then removes his jacket, which he throws away. Finally he gets to the awkward part where he dances like no one is watching. The best part of the video is the amount of excitement and cheer that his Chinese employees are showing for Musk's moves.

The video went viral with almost 5 million views. It started another meme fest on Twitter and these are some of the most hilarious tweets that we have seen. Twitter is even comparing Musk's dance moves to that of Bill Gates from a Windows launch event held in 1995.

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